Our Progress

Foulis is traditionally a respiratory ward however the majority of its patients are CF sufferers. Visits to the ward become a lot more frequent as the patient gets older and deteriorates. These increased admissions means that the patients really get to know and love the staff, and a “normal” environment is crucial.

Unfortunately people with CF cannot mix during their stays in hospital because of the risk of cross-infection. Every patient must stay in their own room and this can often be for weeks on end. It is the aim of the Simone Cowland Trust to help the patients through this tough time and make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
So far the trust has managed this by funding a singing teacher to visit the patients on a weekly basis, along with a reflexology therapist who comes to the ward on request and it has even funded a member of staff to carry out home visits to make sure the patients are doing well after they return home.

SCT have also purchased laptops for the patients’ rooms to use throughout their stay and funded an IT specialist to help with any IT difficulties. The laptops are used for anything from homework all the way to internet dating! The laptops also allow the patients to communicate with each other – not just through popular social networking sites but also through the ward blog.

Another great achievement for SCT is the upgraded televisions in patient rooms. Each room now has a wall-mounted flat screen.

Sufferers in a more advanced stage of the disease often need a constant oxygen supply. SCT has provided Foulis with a number of portable oxygen concentrators that enable the patients to get out and about. SCT has meant that oxygen dependency does not have to mean staying at home for CF sufferers.

Living with CF is challenging and disruptive to everyday life. SCT aims to make it a little easier on the patient. Help us help the Foulis ward and make a donation

For more information on the Foulis Ward and Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust please visit their website.

“Life with CF is hard work, often boring and interferes with daily life, admissions and outreach are an inevitable part of clinical care. The CF team try hard to make a hospital or home visit as easy and helpful as possible – SCT has helped to make a difference to this”Dr Su Madge, CF Specialist Nurse Consultant at Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust